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Customer References

High quality and timely completion of work ensure further effective cooperation.

  • S.N.Konovalov, Deputy Head of Field Development Department, Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg Ltd.: “Construction control, as engineering supervision of “YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ” at commissioned facilities, was carried out on continuous basis   with efficient solution of all problems."
  • P.V.Gladkov, Chief Engineer–First Deputy Director General, Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan Ltd.:"The Institute efficiently arrived at optimal solutions to various problems related to ensuring the regional development and efficient operation of designed facilities. For the period of collaboration with JSC “YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ” there were no complaints on the part of Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan Ltd. about soundness of engineering solutions and quality of produced documentation."
  • S.A.Mikhailenko, Chief-Engineer-Deputy Director General, Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg Ltd.: JSC “YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ” has been carrying out design and survey works for construction of Orenburg Gas and Chemical Complex over a long period of time (since 1967). The works are performed based on PC of the latest generation applying advanced software that ensures automation and adequate quality of produced design documentation, carrying out engineering design, processing of survey data, elimination of environmental problems."
  • O.N.Sergeyev, Deputy Director General for Design Works and Production Preparation, CJSC ”Yamalgazinvest”: "The technological processes implied by the engineering solutions ensure safe operation of facilities: JSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" meets the highest quality standards and schedule times set by the customer. Cooperation with the Institute guarantees successful implementation of investment projects."
  • I.P.Knyaz, Deputy Director General - Head of Capital Construction & Repairs Board (UKSiR), Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk Ltd.: "Since 1967  JSC "YUZHNIIGIPRPGAZ" has been designing comprehensive project design documentation for construction of main gas pipelines, development of the Tyumen region gas fields, utility  systems supplying gas to settlements and industrial facilities, as well as engineering-geodetic works. On the part of Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk Ltd there were no complaints about soundness of engineering solutions, appropriateness of accepted engineering solutions."
  • A.I.Startsev, Head of Capital Construction Board, Gazprom Dobycha Nadym Ltd.: "I would like to kindly request you to announce gratitude to the supervision team of your company for the efficient participation in construction and initiative taken at commissioning of the "Booster Compressor Station (2d line) at Yamsoveysky Gas Condensate Field."
  • A.A.Matviyevsky, Chief Engineer, NOVATEK-Tarkosaleneftegaz Ltd.: "We would like to express our gratitude to the Institute’s employees for the advanced engineering solutions taken at development of electrotechnical part of detail design  documentation for the project: "Development of Khancheysky Gas Condensate Field. Booster Compressor Station", as well as for the proficient field supervision on construction site of the Booster Compressor Station facilities."
  • A.M.Sleptsov, director general YAMALGAZINVEST CJSC .
    During cooperation between ZAO Rospan International and JSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" your company has never failed to meet the terms of design works performance that were scheduled before. The quality of works done by your company can not be questioned by us as well.
    As a proof, we consider JSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" as a reliable partner who is worth to deal with today and to continue our cooperation in the future.
    We believe that unstable political situation in Ukraine will not be lasting a long time and will not affect our for-all-purposes partnership relations.
  • O.Ye. Menshikh, director General Deputy, Capital Construction CLOSED JOINT-STOCK COMPANY VANKORNEFT .
    JSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" is performing the design supervision over construction of the facilities pertaining to HP Gas Compressor Station Stage 3 at Central Gathering Plant and LP Gas Compressor Station at Preliminary Water Removal Unit in southern part of the Vankor Field.
    During construction of the gas production facilities the engineering and managerial staff involved into design supervision have proven their high professional skills and ability to solve promptly the complex technical issues and protect Client's interests related to the ensurance of construction and erection works performance quality.
    Accounting for the above, I kindly ask to accept thanks for contribution made into construction of gas production facility. I wish new success and financial sustainability to JSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" staff.
  • Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.
    The company Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. does express the gratitude for a well-done work on development of design documentation for the facility OPF Compression.
    LLC "INSTITUTE YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" was working as Contractor for conduct of engineering and geological surveys for jetties Nos.5 and 6 for the facility Construction of the Seaport Facilities near Sabetta Settlement, Yamal Peninsula".
    The works for considered facility had been performed subject to the terms and in full compliance with Terms of Requisition and Design Agreement; the result was obtainment of the positive conclusion from State Expertise Body.
    Yamal LNG OJSC is satisfied with the quality of works performed and highly esteems the professional skills of engineers and managers involved.
  • Ie. A.Kot, director general YAMAL LNG.
    S.G.Vishnyakov Yamal LNG OJSC expresses the gratitude to JSC "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" staff for high-level and professional attitude in performance of works for development of design documentation and conduct of engineering survey for the facility Construction of Integrated Facility for Production, Treatment, Liquefaction, LNG and Gas Condensate Offloading for the Yuzhno-Tambey GCF.
    High level of organization of the labor process and flawless activity of the Institute's staff did enable performance of works within the scheduled terms. Result of the joint activity is positive conclusion of the state expertise body issued for design documentation and results of engineering surveys.
    We are looking forward to further beneficial cooperation.
    Yamal LNG OJSC expresses the gratitude to Institute "YUZHNIIGIPROGAZ" staff for the mutually beneficial cooperation and informs that upon results of conducted state examination of the design documentation for the facility "Drillmud Processing Shop", a positive conclusion has been obtained from the Federal Autonomous Organization 'Glavgosexpertisa Rossii"(GGE) No. 298-16/GGE-10484/02 dd. 18.03.2016.