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Basic References

Gas Production and Processing

1960-1999, Ukraine Construction of Mashevsky, Lokachinsky, Krestischensky, Lannovsky, Melikhovsky, Yablunovsky, Muratovsky and Bairaksky gas condensate fields (Kharkov, Lviv, Poltava, Lugansk and Dnepropetrovsk regions.) Central Processing Facility, Medvezhye Gas Field Central Processing Facility, Medvezhye Gas Field Orenburg  GPP Orenburg GPP Astrakhan GPP Astrakhan GPP Karachaganak gas field Karachaganak gas field Yuzhno-Russky Oil and Gas Condensate Field Yuzhno-Russky Oil and Gas Condensate Field
1970-2013, Russia Construction of Medvezhye oil and gas condensate field
1970-1974, Russia Nizhnevartovsk associated petroleum gas processing plant
1970-2013, Russia Construction of  Orenburg  gas condensate field
1970-2013, Russia Orenburg GPP
1970-2009, Russia Orenburg Helium Plant
1979-2008, Russia Construction of gas condensate fields on Yamal Peninsula
1980-1985, Russia Construction of Vyngapurovsky gas condensate field
1980-1997, Kazakhstan Construction of Karachaganak GCF
1980-2013, Russia Construction of Astrakhan GCF
1980-2013, Russia Astrakhan GPP
1980-2013, Russia. Construction of Yamburg OGCF
1998-1999, Russia Construction of  Eastern Tarkosalinsky GCF
1999-2013, Russia. Construction of Aneryakhinsky and Kharvutinsky areas of Yamburg  OGCF
2001-2013, Russia. Construction of Yuzhno-Russky OGF
2002-2014, Russia Construction of  Khancheisk GCF
2003-2013, Russia Purovsky Gas Condensate Processimng Plant
2010-2012, Russia Start-Up GTU Integrated Development of Shtokman GCF. Phase I. Onshore Facilities
2010, Russia Construction of Vankor Field Group
2010-2014, Russia Construction of integrated facility for gas production, treatment, liquefaction,  offloading of LNG and gas condensate for the Yuzhno-Tambey GCF.
2010-2013, Russia Construction of  Valanginian deposits in Samburg field
2010-2012, Russia Gas Chemical Complex with helium recovery from the gas of Chayanda OGCF
2010-2014, Russia Construction of Achimov deposits in Urengoy field, Samburg license block
1995-2013, Russia. Construction of Yamsoveisky OGCF
2011-2013, Russia OPF Booster Compressor Station  ("Sakhalin-2" project)
2012, Russia Revamping of Astrakhan Gas Compex, Stages  I and II,  as integrated  production facility
2013, Russia Condensate Deethanization Unit at North-Urengoy (Severo-Urengoy) Gas Field
2013, Russia Russian Far East LNG Plant
2013, Russia Development of gas production and treatment facilities for Senomanian gas of Yurkharovsk field  
2013, Russia Development of gas condensate deposits of Chernichnoye oil and gas condensate field
2013, Russia Amursky Gas Processing Plant
2014, Russia Development of Koptevsky gas field  
2014, Russia Development of Kynsko-Chaselsky license area
2015, Russia Development of Vostochno (Eastern) and Zapadno (Western) Messoyakhsky fields, export of associated and natural gas including synergy with Minkhovskoye field, NK Rosneft OJSC
2015, Russia Development of gas deposit, Terelsky gas condensate field (reservoir T)
2015, Russia LNG Production and Transfer Terminal Port Vysotsk,Leningrad Region, capacity 660.000 tons LNG per annum
2016-2017, Russia Ust-Kut Gas Processing Plant. Process Area
2017, Russia Refurbishing of Facilities at Termokarstovoye field
2017, Russia Development of Jurassic Deposits at West-Yurkharovskoye Field, Wellpad No. 1
2017, Russia "Gas and Condensate Compression and Treatment Facilities. Condensate Recovery and Transport Unit"
2017, Russia Development of Lodochnoye Field. Gas Compression Station with Gas Line to Interface Point with Tagul -Vankor Gathering Gas Line
2017, Russia Development of Detail Design Documentation for Yarakta -1,2 and Markovo

Main pipeline transport

1970-1983, Russia Multiline gas transportation system Northern Tyumen Regions (SRTO)  - Ural  (DN = 1200 and 1400, PN = 7.4 MPa, L= 9650 km). Yamburg CS Yamburg CS Novourengoy CS Novourengoy CS
1975-1997, Russia Urengoy – Surgut – Chelyabinsk gas transmission pipeline, Lines I and II (DN =1400, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 3560 km)
1975-1997, Russia Urengoy – Center gas transmission pipeline, Lines I and II
(DN = 1400, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 6058 km)
1975-1997, Russia, Ukraine Urengoy – Pomary – Uzhgorod gas transmission pipeline (DN  =1400, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 4454 km)
1975-1990, Russia, Ukraine. Yamburg – Western Border of USSR gas transmission (DN = 1400, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 4584 km)
1975-1997, Russia SRTO – Nechernozemiye gas transmission pipeline, Lines I and II (DN = 1400, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 5355 km)
1980-1997, Russia Yamburg – Yelets gas transmission pipeline, Lines I and II (DN = 1400, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 6300 km)
1985-1998, Russia, Ukraine Automotive Gas Filling Compressor Stations for compressed natural gas as motor fuel
2000-2002, Russia Feasibility study for construction of Kovykta gas condensate field from Irkutsk region to People's Republic of China. (Lines I and II) (DN = 1200, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 3880 km)
1995-2012, Russia SRTO - Torzhok gas transmission pipeline (DN =1400, DN = 7.4 MPa, L= 2675 km)
1995-2012, Russia Revamping and technical upgrade of gas pipeline facilities
2007-2012, Russia Bovanenkovo  - Ukhta gas transmission pipeline (northern section) (DN = 1400, DN = 11.8 MPa, L= 1040 km)
1970-2012, Russia, Ukraine Construction, revamping and technical upgrade of compressor stations of gas  pipelines (over 300 CS)
2011-2013, Russia Revamping of gas pipeline  Igrim-Serov, Nadym–Punga-N. Tura III,  SRTO-Ural II
2011-2013, Russia Yakutia-Khabarovsk–Vladivostokgas transmission pipeline Chayanda-Lensk section
2011-2013, Bulgaria Project South Stream in Bulgaria
2011-2012, Russia Compressor stations of Ukhta –Torzhok gas transmission pipeline, Line I
2013, Hungary Investment project for the Hungarian section of the South Stream gas pipeline  
2015, Russia Compressor Station -7 Syninskaya, Compressor Shop 2 within the scope of facility Bovanenkovo-Ukhta main gas pipeline system  
2015, Russia Gas export pipeline from Novoportovskoye oil and gas condensate field
2017, Russia Line Section, Run 2. Part from CGTU -3-km 0,0 within the scope of the Project Bovanenkovo-Ukhta Transmission Pipeline System